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Let’s introduce ourselves – we are Michael Dunn of CMHA Ontario and Sandra Cunning of AMHO.

Together we are the provincial leadership for E-QIP, representing two of the three sponsoring organizations. HQO is our third E-QIP partner. With a leadership role in facilitating quality care across the health care sector in Ontario, HQO is supporting this initiative to expand the focus on and capacity for QI within community mental health and addictions services in the province.

We both have incredible passion for the change that’s possible when there is a collaborative and comprehensive commitment to quality. Here’s why:


For me, the pursuit of quality is about caring deeply for the relationships we have with others. Quality cannot be separated from our work – it’s the driver behind our work with people.

To me, working with quality is the combined, unceasing efforts of everyone at all levels of the organization to maximize the value of our services as defined by the clients and families who put their trust in the mental health and addictions system.

I think we are at a time in Ontario when we are moving away from counting numbers of visits or contacts as a way of quantifying the effectiveness of our services. I think there is a real hunger to examine data that more meaningfully captures the quality of our work as a sector and how individuals and families experience our services. Using this data to guide our clinical, organizational and system decisions and improvements will translate to better care for Ontarians and it is exciting to be part of a project that will help support this movement.

– Michael Dunn


Quality is a way of working and being that is woven into all aspects of what we do and serves as the basis for true evidence-informed practice.

E-QIP brings together Quality, Evidence, Implementation and Partnership to support existing local QI initiatives that are focusing on effective, timely, equitable, safe, client-centred care.  

Our goal is to achieve common language, approaches, tools, and processes and to support our community partners and the sector in moving forward on QI.

– Dr. Sandra Cunning

Michael Dunn
Director of Quality Improvement
CMHA Ontario
1.800.875.6213 (Toll-free in Ontario)

Sandra Cunning
Director of Quality Improvement
Addictions and Mental Health Ontario