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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy A Practical Introduction to ACT in Clinical Practice. April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014
Venue: The Highland Country Club
London ON
Organizer: Solutions On Site Workhops

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy A Practical Introduction to ACT in Clinical Practice
with Dr. John Forsyth
Organized by: Solutions On Site
Dates: Monday April 14th
Location: London, Ontario
Phone: 226-268-2307

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a newer evidence-based behavior therapy that balances mindfulness and acceptance processes with commitment and behavior change processes to (a) weaken the unhelpful influence of thoughts and emotional avoidance in guiding actions, while (b) promoting greater experiential and psychological flexibility in the service of valued ends.  ACT teaches clients how to be with their hurts and do what works – to live well, richly, and meaningfully, without first having to defeat sources of emotional and psychological pain.

ACT is a broadly applicable process-guided approach to human suffering and its alleviation, not simply a set of intervention technologies for specific psychological disorders. Thus, this 1-day workshop will introduce ACT, both as a model and intervention technology, and illustrate its application across a broad set of problem areas that are commonly seen in mental health settings (e.g., anxiety, depression, anger). This work can be challenging for both therapists and clients alike, for much of ACT work involves contacting difficult and painful psychological content without defense and for a purpose other than psychological relief. Thus, understanding the application and integration of the ACT model of psychological health and suffering is essential for effective ACT work.

This training will be filled with didactic teachings, live and video demonstrations, and practical experiential exercises that will be done individually, in dyads, and small groups. The exercises will highlight the integration of mindfulness and acceptance strategies (along with kindness and compassion exercises) to disarm forms of human suffering and also to promote greater clarity of values and action in the service of living well. Participants will be encouraged (but never forced or coerced) to engage the material at a personal level, as it applies to their own lives, and then also in the context of their clinical work. Clinical worksheets and other practical tools will be provided.

$185 plus hst- includes a continental breakfast and lunch. group rates available. Visit for details.

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