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Healing the Angry Brain. May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014
Venue: The Highland Country Club
London ON
Organizer: Solutions On Site Workshops

Healing the Angry Brain
with Dr. Ronald Potter-Efron
Organized by: Solutions On Site
Dates: Monday May 26th
Location: London, Ontario
Phone: 226-268-2307

International anger expert Dr. Ron Potter-Efron will have your clinical toolbox overflowing with proven anger strategies for long-term change of aggressive, raging and violent behaviors.  Ron will bring together neuroscience and a powerful range of anger treatment plans to change the brains and behaviors of your most challenging clients.

This workshop is full of proven techniques, skill building and treatment interventions for your clients who …

  • Get angry at a moment’s notice
  • Have trouble thinking or planning because their anger is so strong
  • Act impulsively on anger
  • Have difficulty listening
  • Hold on to anger until overloaded with resentment
  • Fly into dangerous rages
  • Develop a world view in which most or all people are perceived as enemies

You will bring back to your practice actionable forms and worksheets for clients to create their own  personalized brain-changing treatment plans. Ron will teach you development and implementation of these proven tools, rooted in his 30 plus years of counseling experience and success.

$185 plus hst- includes a continental breakfast and lunch. group rates available. Visit for details.

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