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New Developments in the Treatment of Complex Trauma. June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014
Venue: The Highland Country Club
London ON
Organizer: Solutions On Site Workshops

New Developments in the Treatment of Complex Trauma
with Dr. John Briere
Organized by: Solutions On Site
Dates: Monday June 23rd
Location: London, Ontario
Phone: 226-268-2307

When trauma involves child abuse and neglect, and/or when there have been multiple and prolonged traumas in adulthood, the outcome may involve not only posttraumatic stress, but also dysfunctional relational schema, affect dysregulation, and overdeveloped avoidance responses. In this plenary presentation, Dr. Briere will outline the various short- and long-term effects of exposure to trauma, and describes the central principles of modern trauma therapy. Among the treatment components discussed will be (a) processing of relational schema through the therapeutic relationship, (b) titrated exposure to traumatic memories, (c) cognitive processing, (d) affect regulation training, and (e) the growing role of mindfulness interventions. He will briefly discuss ways in which characteristics of the trauma (e.g., recent versus long-past, interpersonal versus non-interpersonal, single event versus repeated victimization) determine the type and extent of treatment provided.

Seminar Objectives

  1. Describe the lasting effects of trauma
  2. List at least three major trauma-focused treatment components
  3. Explain why affect regulation training is often helpful for survivors of severe or complex trauma
  4. Discuss the potential helpfulness of mindfulness interventions for psychological trauma

$185 plus hst- includes a continental breakfast and lunch. group rates available. Visit for details.

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