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Restorative Justice Facilitator Training. November 17-19, 2014

November 17-19, 2014
Venue: Toronto ON
Organizer: Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute Inc.

Restorative Justice Facilitator Training
- A National Training Event
November 17-19, 2014
Toronto, ON
Restorative justice is a response to harmful incidents that seeks the direct inclusion of all involved in efforts to meaningfully address the harm and foster renewed relationships. Drawing on the work of Canada’s original restorative justice pioneers and best practices around the globe, this national training event will deliver the essential skills of convening harm-focused dialogue processes within organizational and educational settings. This is a highly interactive workshop where participants will practice and gain confidence in facilitating a model of dialogue that is participant driven, culturally sensitive and empowering for all involved.
Presented by:
Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute Inc. Register at:

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