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The Ten Best Ever Anxiety Treatment Strategies. May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014
Venue: The Highland Country Club
London ON
Organizer: Solutions On Site Workshops

The Ten Best Ever Anxiety Treatment Strategies
with Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
Organized by: Solutions On Site
Dates: Thursday May 1st
Location: London, Ontario
Phone: 226-268-2307

This day is packed with ideas and tools for managing anxiety symptoms, including eliminating panic attacks, changing avoidance behavior in socially anxious clients, and managing the cognitive symptoms of worry and catastrophic thinking. Attention will be given to the neurobiological causes of anxiety and why therapy is so effective in changing the brain. We will discuss differentiating anxiety from conditions that mimic it, such as hormonal issues, autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit disorder.  The focus is on using specific psychotherapy techniques for clients of all ages to improve the physiology, behavior and cognitions of anxious clients, offering some experiential practice and discussion of how to make them effective.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Improve treatment outcomes by understanding and being able to apply effective symptom management skills for panic, social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders.
  2. Stop panic! Use specific breathing and thought management techniques that work to identify triggers for panic and eliminate panic attacks
  3. Become able to construct interventions that will desensitize the impact of ‘shame trauma’ in socially anxious clients.
  4. Be able to immediately intervene on worry by understanding its function and the best ways to eliminate worry as a symptom of anxiety.
  5. Instruct clients on how to become effective in changing their avoidance behaviors with planned, practiced, and carefully graduated exposure.

$185 plus hst- includes a continental breakfast and lunch. group rates available. Visit for details.

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