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Corporate and Organization Donations, Sponsorships and Partnerships

Businesses, foundations, employee charity trusts/funds, labour organizations, professional, cultural and other associations provide important financial and in-kind support to CMHA, Ontario’s programs through donations, sponsorships, and special partnerships.
For information on how your company or organization can help support a specific program, please contact David Alge, Senior Director, Finance and Administration, CMHA, Ontario, at 416-977-5580 ext. 4156 or at

Corporate Testimonial: Richtree Market Restaurants

We have been supporting CMHA, Ontario for a few years now because we believe in this organization, and the many dedicated volunteers and staff, who are a vital part of our community.

Personally, I feel we don’t give enough to mental health, but unfortunately I have a budget to work within, so we do what we can.

We are a small organization, and I receive many requests for support. Our corporate policy focuses on supporting health-related matters, with a priority on mental health, and I don’t think twice about giving to CMHA, Ontario.

Overall, when people get physically sick, they visit their physician. They even visit their physician when they’re not ill, for an annual check-up.

So it’s unfortunate that people don’t seek help when they are feeling unwell, emotionally. There needs to be as much nurturing of our mental health as there is for a heart attack, or cancer. I don’t understand why people aren’t utilizing resources in the community to help with a problem or an emotional issue. We need to let people know it’s okay to get help. We need to let them know they are not crazy. We need to show them that there are resources and caring support available to help them along. That’s why CMHA, Ontario is so important — because they do all of these things. I know they are helping to remove the barrier that many people feel about getting help — so there is hope and a chance for recovery.

I moved from another country 15 years ago and I am amazed at how much assistance is available here in Ontario. In developing countries such as South East Asia, the suicide rate is high — especially among young people — and they aren’t able to get the help they need — with devastating consequences. That’s why I find it difficult to understand why the resources here are undervalued and underutilized.

So thank you to the people at CMHA, Ontario. You are truly making a difference in people’s lives and on behalf of the staff at Richtree, we are proud to be part of such an essential and important cause.

Anne Desilva
Richtree Market Restaurants

For bequest purposes, our legal name is Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division and our Canada Revenue Agency charitable registration number is 10686 3665 RR0001.