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Network is CMHA Ontario’s popular magazine that brings together different perspectives on issues important to everyone with an interest or involvement in community mental health.

May 1, 2007 Spring/Summer 2007: Social Inclusion


IN THIS ISSUE: Editorial: Reflections on Inclusion – Every Voter Counts – When Work Really Works… for Everybody – What Do You Call 15 Comics Sitting in a Circle? – My Life in Labels – Student Counsel – The Gold Standard: A Sense of Community

February 26, 2007 Winter 2007: Generation Gaps

network22-3cover Mental Health Across the Lifespan

IN THIS ISSUE: Making Mental Health a Lifelong Investment – Teach Your Children Well: Lessons in Stress and Self-Esteem for Kids – Talkin’ about My Generation – A Labour of Love – Building Lynx: A Rural Early Psychosis Intervention Program Sows the Seeds of Success – Remodelling the Village: Supporting Parents with Mental Illness – Minding Our Elders: Mental Health in Long-Term Care – The Gold Standard: Ontario’s Depression Strategy

September 8, 2006 Fall 2006: Voices of Experience

network22-2cover Consumer and Family Involvement in the Mental Health System

IN THIS ISSUE: Bringing Our Voices to the Table – All Aboard: Promoting Leadership Among Consumers and Families – Catching Up with Reality: Recognizing and Valuing the Family’s Role in Recovery – Education Is the Key – Hearing Is Believing – Information of Concern – Making the Great Stride Outward: Volunteering and Recovery – The Gold Standard: Family Planning

April 27, 2006 Spring/Summer 2006: Minding the Body

network22-1cover The Relationship between Physical and Mental Health

IN THIS ISSUE: Understanding the Interplay between Mind and Body – More Than a Broken Heart – A Pound of Cure – In Search of Support – Food for Thought – Diabetes and Mental Health – Connecting Body and Mind – The Gold Standard: Getting Physical for Mental Health.

January 11, 2006 Winter 2006: The Collaborative Challenge

network213cover Partnering with Primary Health Care Providers

IN THIS ISSUE: Maintaining the Patient-Physician Relationship in Family Practice – In Principle and in Practice – Jeff’s Story – Partners and Peers – Barriers to Physical Care – A-Way’s Route to Wellness – Dialing for Doctors – The Gold Standard: Placing Consumers at the Centre.

October 11, 2005 Fall 2005: Transformation

network_21-2_cover_100 Changing the Mental Health Care Map in Ontario

IN THIS ISSUE: The Time Is Now to Make a Difference – Team Work – Lessons Learned – Transforming Ontario – Setting the Table for Recovery – “E” Is for Enabler – The Gold Standard: Rules of Engagement.

May 16, 2005 Spring/Summer 2005: No Place Like Home

network2005211coverHomelessness, Mental Health, and the Need for Supportive Housing

IN THIS ISSUE: Feeling Unsafe – Backyard Politics – My Catholic Worker Community – The Young and the Hidden – Lilac Time – No Place Like Home – A Voice for the Voiceless – Benchmarking Homelessness – A House in the Country – Elizabeth’s Garden.

February 1, 2005 Winter 2005: Cops, Courts and Compassion

network2005203cover Seeking Justice for the Mentally Ill

IN THIS ISSUE: Criminalization and Mental Illness – The Girl with the Curl on Her Forehead – Crisis Call – Out of the Darkness – Inside Courtroom 102 – Fighting Fires – Partnering with Police – Busting the Stigma – Youth Justice.

September 29, 2004 Summer/Fall 2004: Diverse Communities

Bridging Gaps in Mental Health Care.

IN THIS ISSUE: Interview with Dr. Marie Bountrogianni – Quilt of Honour – The Healing Dance – The Homeless Maze – HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness – Connecting with the Deaf Community – Found in Translation.

June 9, 2004 Spring 2004: Art Speak

Talking about Mental Illness through the Arts.

IN THIS ISSUE: Making Space for Art – FAN Club Puppets Speak to Young Audiences – Raising Awareness: The Workman Theatre Project – Donna Morrissey: A Medical Scare – Beyond Crazy – The Life of Me: An Interview with Rachel Manning – James Gordon: Breaking the Mask – Spark of Brilliance – Jay Lefler: Art for Self-Expression.