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A Voice for the Voiceless

Network, Spring/Summer 2005

Tetteh Kofi Hadjor understands the interior life of the homeless person, and he shares his insight through poetry and photographs. ‘My story focuses on the inner issues of the homeless person as they deal with sudden dislocation and emotional turbulence,’ he explains. Kofi recently participated in a 10-week art program for tenants of the Homes First Society in Toronto, led by visual artist Janis Gillan and photographer Stella Fukiyesi. Many of the artworks created in the workshop were auctioned at the annual Coldest Night fundraising event in January.

‘At least once a week,’ says Gillan, ‘Kofi takes a massive walk, following a particular route through ravines and parks and other areas. When he was taking the photographs, he was trying to capture the oases of peace within the city – the places, in a hustling, bustling, chaotic city, where you find these little pools of tranquility.’

Kofi will be telling his personal story, ‘Three Thousand Days in the Wilderness: A Spiritual Journey through Homelessness,’ at the first Canadian Conference on Homelessness, which takes place in Toronto on May 17-20, 2005. His new life mission, Kofi explains, is to be ‘a voice for the voiceless.’

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