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Provincial News

May 16, 2013 Ontario Budget 2013 invests in community supports for mental health

The government’s social policy focus includes continued investment in health care, education, the environment and some modest gains in social assistance in their recently released 2013 Budget.

May 16, 2013 LCO identifying ways to improve access to Registered Disability Savings Plan

The Government of Ontario has asked the Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) to explore how Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP) can be made more accessible to people with disabilities. The work will examine how adults with developmental or other mental disabilities can participate in the program without completing an expensive competency assessment.

May 2, 2013 New community-based physiotherapy for seniors

Community settings will be the new venue for a suite of physical therapies for seniors and eligible patients with funding from the Government of Ontario. Physiotherapy, exercise and fall prevention classes will be available in long-term care homes and in communities across Ontario.

May 2, 2013 Government invests additional $260 million in home and community care

The Ontario government has made an additional investment in the community care sector of $260 million in 2013/2014 to reduce wait times for patients needing home care services. This funding will also assist in reaching a target for patients who require nursing services and those with complex needs to receive home care within five days of their Community Care Access Centre assessment.

May 2, 2013 Expanding the role of nurses

As part of Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, the Ontario government is expanding the nursing scope of practice. This will help to provide patients with access to the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

May 2, 2013 Speak Up - take the Enabling Minds survey!

Are you an individual with lived experience of mental illness? A caregiver, friend or family member of someone experiencing mental illness? The Enabling Minds project is working towards reducing barriers for people with mental health-related disabilities, so they can participate in physical activity programs offered by recreation and fitness organizations.

April 18, 2013 Trauma Guidelines for women's substance use services

In our last issue of Mental Health Notes, we noted that the Ontario Drug Treatment Funding Program (ODTF) would soon be posting guidelines to support organizations providing substance use treatment services for women. “Trauma Matters: Guidelines for Trauma-Informed Practices in Women’s Substance Use Services” will help you understand the interconnections of trauma and substance use, and provide better care for substance-involved women who have experienced trauma.

April 5, 2013 ODEN: Move ODSP employment programmes to Employment Ontario

The Ontario Disability Network (ODEN) – a provincial network of employment service providers that assist persons with disabilities find and keep work – has published a position paper that calls on the Ontario government to move ODSP employment programming to Employment Ontario, the employment and training division of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

March 21, 2013 Celebrating ten years: Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

This year the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA) celebrates its tenth year anniversary. The OCDPA was officially established in February 2003 when it became clear that there was an urgent need for integrated action and collaboration on the issue of chronic disease prevention in Ontario.

March 7, 2013 Schizophrenia Society Survey request

The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) is compiling information on schizophrenia and psychosis in Ontario to create a report that will increase understanding about how the mental health system is meeting the needs of people affected by these conditions. The report will also include the perceptions of individuals and their caregivers on their experiences and quality of life as a result of these disorders.