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Bill C-14: The not criminally responsible reform act

August 14, 2014

Recent high-profile cases across Canada have raised public concerns about safety around those with mental health issues. The Vince Li case on the Greyhound bus drew much media attention to the challenges that some individuals with mental health issues people face.

In early 2013, the Government of Canada introduced legislation to change certain provisions of the Criminal Code that govern persons deemed not criminally responsible (NCR) on account of a mental disorder. The result: Bill C-14 – The Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act – which took effect on July 11, 2014.

On July 18, 2014, more than 60 service providers attended a virtual presentation on the new bill. Organized by the North Bay Regional Health Centre, with support from EENet, the session covered amendments and their implications.

To learn more about and watch this webinar go to the EENet website. This webinar is part of EENet’s Meeting of the Minds, a series of interactive, web-based events.


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