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Call for Abstracts: Mental Health for All Conference

January 31, 2017

Change is in the air for mental health in Canada. But it will take the entire nation to harness those winds of change and make it real.

That’s why the theme of the second annual CMHA Mental Health for All Conference 2017 is It takes a nation.

Mental health transformation requires the whole of government and the whole of Canada to implement solutions to problems that are already well understood. We mean that transforming our mental health response isn’t just about Health. It’s about investments in housing through social infrastructure; it’s about a continuum of employment supports. It’s about promoting mental health in schools and in workplaces. And it is about addressing the needs and leveraging the strengths of our diverse population.

The conference will be held on September 18,19 and 20, 2017 in Toronto and the Call for Abstracts is now open. For more information, visit

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