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CMHA Ontario featured in a special Mental Health report

December 19, 2013

CamilleIntheNewsIn case you missed it, Ontario subscribers to Canada’s largest daily newspaper received a special mental health report in a recent issue of the Toronto Star. The report, simply titled, “Mental Health” featured a front-page column by Camille Quenneville, CEO, CMHA Ontario.

In her column Quenneville suggested ways people could make mental health a priority. The piece described the importance of taking care of ourselves mentally just as we do physically, and the capacity everyone has to make mental health achievable for all.

The report also contained articles about:

  • Psychological health and safety in the workplace
  • Accessibility to mental health services
  • Parents and youth
  • Mental fitness
  • Mental health and relationships

In all, the special section appeared in 232,000 copies with an estimated print readership of 620,000.

Download Quenneville’s column and the full Mental Health report.

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