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CMHA Ontario provides updated Housing and Mental Health Backgrounder

December 13, 2012

Housing is a basic human right and requirement for good health. According to the United Nations the right to housing is protected under international law and Canada has endorsed such rights guaranteeing “an adequate standard of living… including adequate food, clothing and housing.” Likewise, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion identifies shelter as a basic prerequisite for health.

CMHA Ontario has updated its “Housing and Mental Health Backgrounder,” providing 2011 (social) housing data and other housing statistics, as well as information on the connection between housing and mental health conditions. It also discusses affordable housing and options for securing secure and affordable housing.

The Backgrounder contains sections on:

  • Social Housing data
  • Housing and mental health conditions
  • Why are people homeless?
  • What constitutes homelessness?
  • Homelessness and mental Illness
  • Housing makes a difference
  • Affordable housing with supports make economic sense
  • Challenges to affordable housing
  • CMHA Ontario’s current activities in housing concerns

Click here to read the updated CMHA Ontario Backgrounder on “Housing and Mental Health”.

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