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ConnexOntario provides rich data source for policymakers, mental health and addictions researchers

June 30, 2011

ConnexOntario, an organization funded by the Government of Ontario, maintains a comprehensive database of drug, alcohol, problem gambling, and mental health services information. Service providers and other professionals link daily with ConnexOntario to provide current and accurate data about treatment beds, support groups, crisis lines and other health services. Program information is reconciled with the data collected through the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System.

ConnexOntario contributes significantly to improving “data quality, validation and linkage” in Ontario, a priority area identified at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences’ 2010 Mental Health and Addictions Research Symposium.

Data is made available to provincial and federal governments, Local Health Integration Networks, OCAN vendors, CCACs and social planning bodies for use in the development of public policy, strategic planning and performance indicators.

ConnexOntario is also able to provide statistics, reports and a range of other resources to researchers and other stakeholders in multiple formats, including charts, maps, graphs, spreadsheets and automated electronic file transfers, tailored to meet their needs. Presenting data in formats that are accessible and suited to users’ needs is an important aspect of knowledge translation. The 2010 Creating Together initiative, sponsored by OMHAKEN in partnership with 15 provincial organizations, found that broadening access to data and presenting it in user]friendly formats, “would support stakeholder interest and involvement in research together with developing more effective means of putting research results into practice” (see CreatingTogether final report, 2011 at

Mental health and addictions researchers, policymakers, system planners, and other stakeholders doing work around system capacity, reform, access to services or wait times should contact ConnexOntario to access a rich source of data that includes treatment organizations and services, location, related services, capacity, service descriptions, treatment availability, and aggregated caller demographics.

Contact ConnexOntario’s Data, Product and Services Management department at to request information and to find out more about how they can support your work.

What is ConnexOntario?

ConnexOntario operates three helplines, providing free, confidential and anonymous health services information for people experiencing problems with gambling, drugs or alcohol and mental illness.

ConnexOntario’s Information and Referral Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to calls, emails or webchat requests, to:

  • Provide contact information for services and supports in the caller’s community;
  • Listen, offer support and provide information on services and supports; and
  • Provide basic education about gambling, drug or alcohol and mental health issues.

To learn more about ConnexOntario, visit their website,

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