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eHealth Progress Report

August 25, 2011

According to the 2011 eHealth Progress Report, more than 7,000 doctors are now managing the health information of 6.5 million Ontarians with an electronic medical record. Use of the electronic health record saves time, lives and money.

The report lists other achievements, including:

  • 24/7 remote access to neurologists;
  • All hospitals are now able for the first time to take diagnostic images such as x-rays and MRIs and digitally store them in a central location that can be accessed electronically;
  • In every emergency department, doctors and nurses have access to information about the drugs used by seniors – which can help avoid adverse drug reactions

It is expected that everyone in Ontario will have an electronic health record by 2015, which will be “owned” by them. Ownership of the health record allows individuals to have control of their health and their health care.

For more information go to “On Track To Provide Better Health For All Ontarians” at

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