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Ensure psychological safety in your organization by attending a Mental Health Works workshop

September 26, 2013

Issues around mental health and mental illness can be complex, particularly when workplace stressors become a factor. Canada’s first national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace was announced in January and provides organizations with guidelines on preventing mental injury, reducing psychological risk, and promoting a mentally healthier workplace. To help address these issues, the Canadian Mental Health Association’s award-winning Mental Health Works program is offering two workshops for supervisors, managers, and human resources professionals to learn strategies on creating supportive workplace and implement positive change toward improved psychological health and safety in your organization.

Complex Issues, Clear Solutions is a one-day interactive workshop in Toronto which will provide supervisors and managers with tools on how to communicate effectively with employees experiencing emotional distress, address behavioural and performance issues in the workplace, and develop a collaborative approach for workplace accommodations. Participants will develop a greater understanding about mental health and mental illness. Currently, four dates are available – registration is available online or by emailing

Meet the Standard, an in-depth learning series offered in collaboration with Mercer, will be offered in Vancouver and Toronto for directors and managers responsible for human resources, strategic planning and governance in the workplace to learn about the psychological standard. The learning series will dive deep into the standard and provide participants with the resources and tool to increase psychological health and safety in their organization. Registration is available online for Vancouver and Toronto.

For more information about costs and how to register, please visit the Mental Health Works website.

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