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Fall 1998: Homelessness – The End of the Road

September 11, 1998

IN THIS ISSUE: CMHA, Ontario Division, Homelessness Task Force – Pathways to Homelessness.


In This Issue

Editorial: Homelessness and Mental Health

Homelessness: The End of the Road

For some of our citizens who suffer from mental disorders, the street becomes their final refuge.

The End of the Road

An interview with Sheryl Lindsay, Program Manager of the Hostel Outreach Program, who comments that the only option left for some people is to stay out on the street. ‘It’s not a choice,’ she says. ‘It’s really that for them there is no other option: the street becomes the end of the road.’

CMHA, Ontario Division, Homelessness Task Force

A summary of the position paper produced by the Public Policy Committee of the CMHA, Ontario Division Board of Directors on the topic of homelessness.

A Changing Profile

The results of the report prepared by the Homelessness Action Task Force, ‘Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness,’ which studied hostel use over a period of nine years, the first analysis of its kind in Canada.

Pathways to Homelessness

The Pathways Project objectives – to estimate the prevalence of mental illness among people who are homeless, describe pathways into homelessness, and identify policy areas for reform – are detailed in this article.

Ministry of Health Perspective

From a speech given by Margaret Gallow, Regional Director, Mental Health areas, Ministry of Health, at a workshop conducted by the Mental Health Policy Research Group.

Social Policy

Mental health issues in the abuse of older adults and dual diagnosis.

Letters to the Editor/Calendar

Seasonal Affective Disorder

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