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GivingTuesday offers opportunity to help

November 29, 2016

This has been a challenging year. For some Ontarians, issues like a lack of housing, proper income, education and other social determinants of health continue to be of daily concern, all of which can contribute to depression and anxiety. World events also contribute to these daily stressors. It can feel like a giant hole being dug for no reason at all. But there is hope.

CMHA Ontario works tirelessly to improve access to housing, income supports and mental health services for people living in the province. We actively promote recovery and resilience, and believe in creating a healthy community. We believe mental health is possible for all and work towards this ideal every day.

You can support CMHA Ontario for GivingTuesday by donating to help us continue supporting the resilience and recovery of those who are experiencing mental health issues. Your GivingTuesday gift will help people move away from the stigma, isolation and loneliness that often follow in the wake of a mental health issue.

During this season of giving, you’ll be making a meaningful gift to many people across Ontario who will cope with a mental health issue in the coming year. Please donate today.


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