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Health Council of Canada recognizes Mental Health Works as a leading innovative practice

July 24, 2013

Mental Health Works – a national program housed at Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario that builds capacity within workplaces to effectively address the many issues related to workplace mental health –  has received another accolade.

The Health Council of Canada has recognized Mental Health Works as a “leading innovative practice” and has listed Mental Health Works in its online Health Innovation Portal. The portal features innovative health practices that are evaluated and then determined to be “emerging,” “promising,” or “leading” in the field.

Photo of Kathy Jurgens, Program Manager of Mental Health Works

Kathy Jurgens, Program Manager of Mental Health Works

“We want employers and employees across Canada to openly address mental health issues in the workplace,” said Kathy Jurgens, national manager for Mental Health Works, adding that mental health and illness is estimated to cost the Canadian economy $6 billion annually in lost productivity. “A psychologically healthy workplace can lead to lower absenteeism, lower medical costs and higher productivity.”

“Increasing awareness about workplace mental health is a key step to addressing this issue so we are extremely grateful to be recognized in the Health Innovation Portal, an important tool that allows for the sharing of progressive programs like Mental Health Works,” said Jurgens.

Photo of Health Council of Canada CEO John G. Abbott

Health Council of Canada CEO John G. Abbott 

“Mental Health Works is a program that is consistent with the vision for our Health Innovation Portal, which gives Canadians a chance to discover and share innovative health care practices, programs and services from across the country,” said Health Council of Canada CEO John G. Abbott. “The portal’s resources help health care managers, providers, policymakers, and researchers identify practices that are working in Canada across key health care themes, so they can adapt them and put them into practice in their own settings.”

The Health Council of Canada notes that a strength of Mental Health Works is that it’s transferable across jurisdictions. The program has been implemented in the majority of Canada’s provinces and territories and in the U.S. (California). Discussions have also taken place with the UK and Australia.

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