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Mental Health Commission of Canada releases evaluation of CMHA’s Mental Health Works

July 15, 2013

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has released the third-party evaluation of Mental Health Works, a national program based out of CMHA Ontario that builds capacity within Canadian workplaces to effectively address issues related to mental health in the workplace.

Releasing the evaluation, conducted by independent third party Ference Weicker & Company, is the last step in the MHCC’s recognition process of Mental Health Works. MHCC awarded the program a 5th Anniversary Mental Health Award in October 2012. The award recognizes Canadian initiatives that have demonstrated leadership, creativity and commitment to the advancement of our collective understanding of mental health problems and illnesses.

“The evaluation is yet further evidence that Mental Health Works is a valuable tool that employers, employees and unions can use to create a psychologically healthy work environment,” said National Program Manager Kathy Jurgens.

In part, MHCC’s evaluation is to determine the impacts and success of Mental Health Works, and to highlight the program’s innovative approach and design. Highlights of the evaluation include recognition that Mental Health Works has:

  • Successfully increased awareness and reduced stigma with respect to mental health in the workplace and provided managers with tools to address issues, particularly for public sector workplaces (e.g., municipal, provincial, federal).
  • Increased interest and demand for information and tools with respect to addressing mental health in the workplace by committing to continuous improvement of the program and offering high-quality trainers with extensive experience and competencies.
  • Demonstrated a number of best and promising practices including incorporating real experiences in its videos and demonstrations to successfully train managers, employees, and other levels within an organization.
  • Advanced the priorities of the Mental Health Strategy for Canada by promoting mental health in workplaces.

Read the full evaluation on the MHCC website.

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