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Mothers hope to lift veil of stigma of suicide in powerful new video

January 30, 2014

An emotional video available exclusively from CMHA London-Middlesex features two mothers who share their profound grief in order to try and help others impacted by the affects of suicide.

Behind the Curtain features Julie and Nancy, two moms who have lost grown children to suicide. In the video, they share their ongoing grief and lessons they’ve learned through that grieving process. The two women are telling their story in hopes that it will help end the silence and stigma around suicide and bring hope and comfort to those affected by it.

“After (Jennifer) died, I told my husband that our lives were over. It would take a long time for my beliefs to change,” Nancy says in the documentary. “And when they did, I noticed my number of good says slowly increasing. I could live again and still be able to grieve.”

This documentary is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. However, due to the sensitive subject matter it may be difficult to watch for some viewers, especially those who have dealt with a recent suicide. CMHA London-Middlesex recommends that viewers watch this film six months or more after their most recent loss to suicide. Viewing the film before this time period may complicate and compound traumatic responses and is not recommended.

For  more information or to buy the documentary ($25), please contact Aleena Needham at CMHA London-Middlesex.

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