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New tool highlights policy-maker role in mental health promotion (Australia)

October 4, 2012

Policy makers can play an important role in promoting mental health for the general and at risk populations. This message is captured in a new guide from the Department of Health for the Government of Victoria in Australia. The guide, aimed at government policy makers, advances a lens that enables users to consider social and environmental determinants of mental health when developing new policies or programs.

Influenced by the Melbourne Charter for Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing, the guide adopts a population approach to mental health promotion. This approach differs from and complements services and supports that address mental health conditions, and focuses on promoting mental health for both well and at risk populations.

For more information and to view the tool, see “Using Policy to Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing: An introduction for policy makers, Department of Health” available on the Victoria Department of Health website.

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