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OCAN Update

April 21, 2011

The Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) Steering Committee has reviewed the functional centres using Core OCAN. Core OCAN is a standalone subset of the assessment tool; it captures information on consumers and their support services. After the review, the decision was made to concentrate available resources on rolling out OCAN in the 15 functional centres best suited to the assessment tool and the centres.

The Committee also decided to give some functional centres (abuse services, peer support, alternative employment, community mental health clinics, crisis services, family initiatives and eating disorders) the option of implementing OCAN later or concurrently with the timeline of their Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN).

All LHINs are proceeding with OCAN and are at various stages of implementation. Different supports are available to the LHINs for the process through Community Care Information Management (CCIM).

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