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ODSP Action Coalition calls for human rights framework in social assistance review

July 28, 2011

The ODSP Action Coalition has responded to the Social Assistance Review Commission. They want a revised social assistance system that provides dignity, adequacy (rates based on rational criteria), and inclusion of all recipients within a human rights framework.

In order to reflect the goal of poverty reduction and accessibility, the ODSP Action Coalition has 31 recommendations that fall into four categories: dignity, adequacy, capacity, and alignment with other programs. The changes span program and policy changes, as well as legislative revisions for both the income and employment programs. The submission includes recommendations that the Ontario Disability Support Program simplify rules, increase benefit levels, change the way earning clawbacks are implemented, and create mechanisms for assisting recipients with the complicated process of getting on ODSP.

In addition, the Coalition has called for Ontario to convene a work group of the Council of the Federation to modernize and align federal and provincial income security programs and tax structure with the ODSP program.

See, “Dignity, Adequacy, Inclusion: Rethinking the Ontario Disability Support Program, “available at

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