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Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy consultations announced

August 22, 2013

CMHA Ontario has requested that it be included in new government consultations to inform the province’s next poverty reductions strategy.

Breaking the Cycle: Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy was launched in 2008 and was a commitment of the Poverty Reduction Act established the same year. The strategy is to be renewed every five years and the second strategy is now being formulated with the help of stakeholder and public input.

The public can provide feedback through on on-line survey, or by email to The survey asks a series of questions about what elements are important in a poverty reduction strategy and gives respondents an opportunity to tell government how it can improve on its first strategy.

In addition, the government and some community groups are holding consultations throughout select communities. These consultation will include a limited group of stakeholders and individuals, including those living in poverty, to inform the strategy. The deadline for submissions is October 2013.

If successful, CMHA Ontario’s contribution to a renewed strategy would mark the second time it has provided input on this issue. In 2008, CMHA Ontario participated in the first round of poverty reduction consultations.

CMHA Ontario, along with numerous organizations and provincial networks, has been calling for poverty reduction strategies that increase access to economic and community supports for vulnerable populations. CMHA Ontario is active in supporting people with mental illness to reduce their risk of living in poverty. We do this by advocating for increases in supportive housing, effective employment support programs and raising income support.

Read  more about CMHA Ontario’s work about poverty and mental health.

Read more about Ontario’s poverty reduction strategy and the current consultation process.

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