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South East LHIN plans to improve access to quality health care

August 19, 2010

The South East Local Health Integration Network (SE LHIN) has announced a new initiative that will improve access to high-quality health care, including mental health services, for residents of southeastern Ontario. The initiative, known as the Regional Clinical Services Roadmap, will examine services that are currently available from the SE LHIN’s seven hospitals and the South East Community Care Access Centre.

The process will begin with the development of action plans for six “clinical areas of opportunity” that have been identified through a risk analysis process conducted by the SE LHIN’s Knowledge Management Team. The areas of opportunity include: Surgical Services, Healthcare Acquired Infections, High-Risk Maternal and Newborn Care, Cancer Centre, Mental Health Services and Restorative Care. The focus will be on effective chronic disease management, patient self-management, reduction of hospital readmission rates, and the improved coordination of care between sectors and providers.

Clinicians and other stakeholders across the region will be engaged in the development of the action plans over the next three to six months. Once the recommended plans are approved, a detailed implementation planning stage will begin. The Regional Clinical Services Roadmap is expected to be implemented over a one- to three-year period.

For more information, see the press release “Regional Clinical Services Roadmap Initiative to Improve Access to Health Care across Southeastern Ontario,” July 27, 2010, at

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