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Spring 1998: Children’s Mental Health

March 31, 1998

The Cost of Neglect – Dying to Be Thin – Child Sexual Abuse – Parenting and Mental Illness.


In This Issue


The Cost of Neglect

Can we afford to overlook a resource that represents the strength and potential of our province?

Child Sexual Abuse

A disclosure of sexual abuse in a child can be one of the most distressing circumstances for parents and families. How is this being dealt with in the emergency departments of our hospitals?

Facts and Figures

What are the effects of stress in families on children and youth growing up in Ontario?

Dying to Be Thin

In Canada, eating disorders affect one in nine women, most of them between the ages of 14 and 25.

Parenting and Mental Illness
Are the parenting needs of people who have a mental illness being met, or are they falling between the cracks?

Social Policy

Recommendations on mental heath reform


Children – Our First Priority

A statement of principles from the Child Mental Health Committee, 1996

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