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Spring 1999: Focusing on Women’s Mental Health

May 11, 1999

IN THIS ISSUE: Challenging the Gender Role Message – Examining the Gender Bias – Substance Abuse: Is It Masking the Pain?


Vol. 15, No. 1

In This Issue

Editorial: Defing Our Focus

Focusing on Women’s Mental Health

The leading cause of disability for women in our society, as many as one in four women will seek help for a mental health problem during their lifetime.

Challenging the Gender Role Message

Identifying factors that are often overlooked in the understanding and treatment of mental health problems in women is one of the mandates of the Women’s Mental Health Programme. Dr. Brenda Toner discusses the role that gender role messages play in care programs for women.

Examining the Gender Bias

The physiology and social conditioning of women has an effect both on the way they may react to medication and on the course of the illness itself. Dr. Mary Seeman examines the different ways in which men and women are affected by schizophrenia.

Substance Abuse: Is it Masking the Pain?

Do mental health problems become a trigger that can push women into developing an addiction, or does an addiction pave the way for poor mental health? Gloria Chaim debates the issue.

Putting Aside the Mask: One Woman’s Personal Journey

Social Policy

Women’s issues in mental health.

Letters to the Editor/Calendar

Mental Health Week 1999

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