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Summer 2001: Feeling at Home in the Community – The Challenge Facing Consumer/Survivors

June 1, 2001

IN THIS ISSUE: Building a Society That Cares – Breaking Down the Barriers – Integration versus Segregation – The Role of Education.


Vol. 17, No. 2

In This Issue

Editorial: A Sense of Belonging

Building a Society that Cares

John McKnight talks about the ‘Careless Society.’ How do we build a society that cares?

Breaking Down the Barriers

The difficulties experienced by consumer survivors of being included in the community.

Including the Excluded

The characteristics common to those who help bring someone into the web of associational life.

Defining Community

Just what do we mean when we talk about community?

The Accepting Community

What has to be in place to make a community accepting of those with mental health issues?

Integration versus Segregation

Including the mentally ill in ‘well’ communities.

The Role of Education

Volunteer Profile: Janemar Cline

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Reclaiming Our Roots

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