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Supporting Employment for People with Mental Illnesses

July 17, 2014

budget_homeThe Government of Ontario’s Budget for 2014 acknowledges that “there are 1.65 million people in Ontario who have a physical, mental, sensory or learning disability, 63 per cent of whom are aged 15 to 64 — the cohort most likely to be participating in the labour force.”

The budget commits the government to working with employers to “correct myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities, address stereotyping and foster partnerships to establish inclusive workplaces.”

Other government initiatives aim to increase opportunities for skills training and employment experiences in the labour market for people with disabilities, especially through on the job experiential learning.

A key government initiative, aimed at reducing barriers to employment for people with disabilities, is through increasing awareness and compliance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. The government also intends to introduce the Fair Minimum Wage legislation that will index minimum wage to Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI) beginning in October 2015.

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