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The Canadian Psychological Association focuses on criminal justice and mental health

March 13, 2014

Special issue of Psynopsis on criminal justice and mental healthThe Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) has released a special issue of its quarterly magazine Psynopsis, and it focuses on criminal justice and mental health.  The journal opens with a message from CPA CEO, Karen R. Cohen, stating that Canadian psychologists are well positioned to make meaningful contributions to public policy when it comes to the intersection of justice and mental health.

CPA’s Section on criminal justice has addressed many issues in this realm including the mental health needs within correctional populations, responding to the Safe Streets and Communities Act, and advocating for the removal of mental health apprehensions from the Canadian Police Information Centre database.

This special issue further covers a wider variety of topics and stories including:

  • Forensic mental health programs and services
  • Best practices and evidence-based procedures of first responders
  • Criminalization of individuals with mental health issues using a gender-based perspective
  • Bill C-14 Not Criminally Responsible on account of Mental Disorder
  • Substance use and mental health issues amount Canadian women offenders

Read the full issue of Psynopsis, Canadian Psychological Association’s quarterly magazine.

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