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Training, and products, and videos, oh my!

March 27, 2014

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health logoThe Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, which works with provincial child and youth mental health agencies to enhance front-line service delivery, is pleased to announce three new online resources. The new tools are designed to help people, agencies and systems use evidence to strengthen care.

The tools are:

Resource hub:

Knowledge is only useful if you know where to find it, so the Centre has now collected all its products in one handy spot. Whether you’re looking for webinars, toolkits, databases, learning modules, policy papers, videos or evidence summaries, you’ll find it in the Centre’s resource hub. This new online resource will be continually updated, so check back often or sign up to have new product announcements delivered right to your inbox.

Provincial training calendar:

Continuous learning and development supports stronger professionals, agencies, communities and systems. But there’ s so much going on out there, we know it can be tough to find the training resources that are right for you. The Centre’s new learning calendar will keep you up-to-date with training and development opportunities that are relevant for professionals working in the child and youth mental health sector and related fields. The Centre is pleased to bring these opportunities together in one convenient, searchable and bilingual calendar that covers the diverse issues that have an impact on the quality of child and youth mental health care across the province.

Animated videos

What is implementation? Evaluation? How about evidence-informed practice? Do you belong to a learning organization? How would you know? Why are youth and family engagement so important, and how can you use it to take your work to a whole new level? The Centre is pleased to share a collection of new animated videos that beak down these important concepts and bring them to life in the child and youth mental health context. Watch, enjoy and share them with others! Check out one of the many videos available below.

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