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Transportation and health resource released (UK)

February 10, 2011

Evidence for the health impacts of different modes of transportation, including reference to mental health issues, are assembled in a resource intended to support transportation planning and environmental assessments in England. The Transport and Health Resource was prepared for the Department of Health and the Department of Transport to aid in the development of local transportation plans throughout England to ensure health issues are effectively addressed.

The report analyzes various transportation modes, such as walking, cycling, public transport, automobiles and air travel, with regards to human health effects and opportunities for these modes to influence health. The authors found that certain modes of transportation can contribute positively to community health through improved access and accessibility to destinations, relative improvements to the urban environment, and the promotion of healthy behaviours such as physical activity. However, particular issues related to transportation were found to accentuate health problems, such as when specific transportation modes are associated with community severance, noise annoyance, congestion and stress.

See “Transport and Health Resource: Delivering Healthy Local Transport Plans,” UK Department of Health and Department of Transport, January 2011, available at

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