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UN Human Rights Council adopts new resolution on mental health

July 8, 2016

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a new resolution on mental health and human rights. The council, responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights and for addressing situations of human rights violations passed the resolution on June 29.

The resolution:

  1. Reaffirms the obligation of States to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms and to ensure that policies and services related to mental health comply with international human rights norms;
  2. Recognizes the need for States to take active steps to fully integrate a human rights perspective into mental health and community services, particularly with a view to eliminating all forms of violence and discrimination within that context, and to promote the right of everyone to full inclusion and effective participation in society;
  3. Requests the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a report on the integration of a human rights perspective in mental health and the realization of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with mental health conditions or psychosocial disabilities, including persons using mental health and community services, and to submit the report to the Human Rights Council at its thirty- fourth session.

As an inter-governmental body within the United Nations, the UN Human Rights Council is made up of 47 United Nations member states which are elected by the UN General Assembly.

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