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Webinar series explores how to provide quality care for LGBT people (USA)

July 5, 2012

On June 19, 2012, the first of four parts in the webinar series “Quality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender People (LGBT)” was hosted by the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association.

The series explores health care, and the health concerns of the LGBT population through discussions on the social determinants of health influence and the way LGBT individuals seek and receive care; the experiences of LGBT people as they travel through the health care system; and an exploration of the physical and mental health concerns specific to LGBT individuals.

Part one of the series included an introduction to terminology and concepts associated with LGBT populations, the ways marginalization impacts the health of LGBT people, and the health disparities they experience. The archived webinar and accompanying PowerPoint presentation is now available online.

Part two of the series will take place on October 2012.

For more information, see the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association’s website at

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