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Winter 1999: Welcome to Our World (Wide Web)

January 11, 1999

IN THIS ISSUE: CMHA Ontario: Creating Community through Technology РBenefiting from the World Wide Web.


In This Issue

Editorial: Welcome to Our World (Wide Web)

Benefiting from the World Wide Web

Glen Dewar, a consultant at Community Resources Consultants of Toronto, shares some of the ways in which consumers are benefitting from the wealth of information available on the World Wide Web.

Creating Community

CMHA’s new Web site will be a vital instrument in mental health education, policy development consultation and service delivery.

Interactive Television

Psychiatric consultations done via the new technology are proving beneficial for everyone: families, consumers, case managers and doctors.

Treatment for All

Dr. John H. Greist, clinical professor psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin, examines the role that computers can play in treatment programs.

What’s in Store?

Already technology is being utilized within the health services field. Dr. Ted Lo, psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, examines new methods for its use in improving the health care delivery system.

Internet Addiction

Social Policy

Bill 68, Legal Aid Services Act, 1998

Letters to the Editor/Calendar

Chrysler presents CMHA, Windsor Branch with a Minivan

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