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Winter 2003: Recovery

January 1, 2003

network2003183coverThe Emergence of New Life from the Depths of Winter.

IN THIS ISSUE: Recovery: A Changing Environment – Defining Recovery – The Road to Recovery: A Personal Journey – Shaping a Recovery Philosophy.


Vol. 18, No. 3

In This Issue

Editorial: What Are People Recovering From?

Recovery: A Changing Environment

The challenge to the mental health field is to support consumers by providing an environment that will, in the words of Dr. William Anthony, enable them to live a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life.

Defining Recovery

What do consumers expect and what is expected of mental health service providers when we talk about recovery?

The Road to Recovery: A Personal Journey

From her experiences as an abused child, which led to years of psychiatric treatment and medication, to the fulfilment she now finds in her art and poetry, Jean Johnson describes her own personal, ongoing journey of recovery.

Shaping a Recovery Philosophy

The nine regional Mental Health Implementation Task Forces have adopted the recovery philosophy as being the central testing point and guideline for proposals for change that they will make to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care.


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