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Winter 2007: Generation Gaps

February 26, 2007

network22-3cover Mental Health Across the Lifespan

IN THIS ISSUE: Making Mental Health a Lifelong Investment – Teach Your Children Well: Lessons in Stress and Self-Esteem for Kids – Talkin’ about My Generation – A Labour of Love – Building Lynx: A Rural Early Psychosis Intervention Program Sows the Seeds of Success – Remodelling the Village: Supporting Parents with Mental Illness – Minding Our Elders: Mental Health in Long-Term Care – The Gold Standard: Ontario’s Depression Strategy

Vol. 22, No. 3

Guest Editorial

Making Mental Health a Lifelong Investment

Teach Your Children Well

Anti-anxiety and self-esteem programs can help kids cope with difficult situations in a healthy way

Talkin’ about My Generation

The Mind Your Mind website encourages young people to speak to one another about mental illness through personal stories and creative expression

A Labour of Love

A mother and daughter team create an online resource that inspires others to get help early

Building Lynx

CMHA Peterborough Branch and a network of community partners create a culture of early intervention for people experiencing psychosis

Remodelling the Village

Parents with mental illness face poverty, isolation, and the fear of losing their children, while adult mental health services and children’s aid struggle to collaborate and keep families intact

Minding Our Elders

Mental health services are few and far between for seniors in long-term care homes

The Gold Standard

Mental health must remain a priority for the Ontario government, including a depression strategy that supports mental health across the lifespan

Remembering and Celebrating a Good Life

Jack Griffin Education and Research Endowment Fund

Re: Cover
Mark Belvedere, Would You Love Me through the Winter, #9 (top) and #10 (bottom) (both Giclée, 22” x 16.5”). Reproduced by permission. This work appears in the Being Scene 2006 art exhibit at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

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