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Winter 2008: Navigating the System

February 17, 2008


IN THIS ISSUE: Editorial: Income, Health and Policy – Out of Pocket – Redesigning the ODSP Maze – Talking Pictures – Family Business – Working Well – Cheques and Balances – The Gold Standard.


Vol. 23, No. 3


Finding Our Way in a Complex World

Opening Doors to Better Care

Partnerships between community mental health agencies and primary care providers are improving access to physical and mental health care

Navigating for Newcomers

CRCT has created a multilingual guide to help immigrants find their way through the mental health system

Who Ya Gonna Call?

ConnexOntario provides a much-needed information and referral service, connecting professionals and the public to mental health, addictions and problem gambling programs across the province

System Navigators — Peer Support Workers: Learning from Experience

The peer support worker has become one of the most valuable navigators within the mental health system

System Navigators — Case Managers: Breaking Down Barriers to Care

System navigation is central to case management

System Navigators — Family Members: Riding the Rollercoaster

Families are the single largest group of caregivers for people with mental illness

Connecting Communities in Champlain East

A common access initiative in eastern Ontario demonstrates how organizations can work together to improve the system

Say Farewell to the Fax

The e-Referrals & Access Tracking project is plugging community health care providers into the world of e-health

The Gold Standard

Measuring continuity of care in the mental health system

Re: Cover
Monika Szopinska, Welcome (photograph).
Reproduced by permission. This work appears in the Being Scene 2007 art exhibit at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

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