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The Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs (Federation) and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division (CMHA Ontario) have partnered to develop a toolkit to assist community mental health and addiction organizations pursue accreditation.

The resources found in the toolkit were developed from several sources:

  • consultation with the Accreditation Capacity Building Advisory Committee
  • tools and resources generously provided by Accreditation Canada, CARF Canada and Canadian Centre for Accreditation (formerly Community Organizational Health Inc. – COHI)
  • tools and resources graciously provided by the following organizations:
    • Brain Injury Services of Northern Ontario
    • Brain Injury Services of Hamilton
    • CMHA Durham Branch
    • CMHA Kenora Branch
    • Riverside Community Counselling Services
    • York Support Services Network

How to use the resources in this toolkit

The goal of Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Ontario and the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs (OFCMHAP) is to provide resources, samples and tools to mental health and addiction service providers to increase the capacity of the community sector to achieve accreditation. Your organization may chose the extent to which it will use the information contained in this tool kit but are cautioned against copying and pasting sample content for use in their organization’s policies and procedures. An organization’s policies and procedures should be developed to match the organization’s mission, services, clients, structures and processes. The samples provided should be used as a starting point in the policy and procedure development process. Resources were developed to close documentation gaps identified in Accreditation Self Assessment Survey. In order to enable easy access to specific accreditation elements the content of the tool kit has been organized into the following eight sections:

1. Accreditation Organizations

This section contrasts the accreditation programs of Accreditation Canada, CARF Canada and the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (formerly Community Organizational Health Inc. – COHI).

2. Governance

These documents define the framework that the board of directors uses to define the organization’s purpose, set direction and develop plans, determine roles and responsibilities, guide decisions and to oversee and monitor the organizations operations.

3. Leadership and Planning
These documents capture the purpose and direction of the organization and ensure that direction is followed by management and staff.

4. Financial
These documents define the internal framework of control activities designed to help the organization achieve its goals while protecting the organization’s financial resources.

5. Risk Management
These documents address client and staff safety.

6. Managing Information
These documents guide the privacy and confidentiality of client records and who has access to view the information.

7. Human Resources
These documents address human resource practices, professional development and training.

8. Programs and Services
These documents support how the organization delivers programs and services.

Document Links

Accreditation Organizations


Leadership and Planning


Risk Management

Managing Information

Human Resources

Programs and Services