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Building Strong Foundations

Ontario’s community mental health sector has received significant new funding for service enhancements over the past several years. Consequently, there is unprecedented expansion of community-based mental health services and a need to support organizations’ capacity to effectively manage this magnitude of change. Governance, infrastructure and processes designed for small organizations may not be as effective for larger, more complex agencies. Enhancing organizational capacity is equally important for smaller agencies who haven’t yet received funding increases.

To support our sector in managing the changes required by the influx of funding, and to help ensure that agencies have the skills and resources they will need to function in an transformed environment, CMHA, Ontario and the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs have jointly initiated an organizational capacity building project, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

A range of tools and resources are available, with additional resources in preparation, to ‘build strong foundations’ for community mental health and addiction services.

Basic Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Toolkit
Intended for those who are new to strategic planning or branches who do not have a formal planning process in place. The toolkit is a resource to assist boards and staff understand why and how to do strategic planning and guide the planning team through the process.

Strategic Planning Process Template
Use this template to develop a work plan for your strategic planning process.

Human Resource Policies and Procedures

Well-written policies and procedures demonstrate to your clients, staff and funders that you have effective people management processes.

With this CD-ROM, you will be able to develop a comprehensive manual, customized for your own organization, in less time than it would take to create a manual “from scratch.”

The Human Resources CD-ROM contains more than 45 policies and procedures. The 20-page “Guide to Developing and Implementing Your HR Policies and Procedures” provides step-by-step instructions for its use.

These materials have been prepared for our project by Capacity Builders, a division of the Ontario Community Support Association.

CD Handbook — View the Table of Contents of the templates available to you.

Role of the CEO

CMHA, Ontario offered its workshop on the role of the Board and CEO, facilitated by the Osborne Group, at our September 2006 Branch Forum. The workshop focused on clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the board and the CEO. Branches were encouraged to go back to their organization and continue the dialogue to document both distinct and mutual roles; and set work plans to carry out their respective tasks.

Board and CEO Responsibilities Template

A list of key responsibilities for non-profit service delivery organizations. Use this template as a basis for discussion on respective roles of board and CEO.

Branch Forum Discussion Document

This document reflects discussion and opinions captured on flip charts during the Branch Forum. CMHA branches are encouraged to use these notes as a basis for discussion between the board and the CEO/ED and consult other resources as required, for verification of best practice.

Governance – Recommended References