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Personal Health Information Protection Act

Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004

PHIPA Regulations (O. Reg. 329/04)

Related Resources

Consent and Capacity Board

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Fact Sheets
Consent and Form 14
Disclosure of Information Permitted in Emergency or Other Urgent Circumstances
Fundraising under PHIPA
Lock-box Fact Sheet
Reporting Requests under PHIPA
Safeguarding Personal Health Information
Your Health Information: Your Access and Correction Rights

Breach Notification Assessment Tool

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

How several custodians can apply to act as a single custodian

PHIPA Presentations
Webcasts by Halyna Perun (MOHLTC) and Brian Beamish (IPC)
Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004: An Overview (PPT)
Personal Health Information Protection Act: The Role of the IPC (PPT)

Ontario Central Forms Repository

Privacy, Security and Risk Management Portal

Other Privacy Toolkits

Hospital Privacy Toolkit

Physician Privacy Toolkit

Privacy Toolkit for Social Workers and Social Service Workers