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Quality Improvement

A major goal of this government’s “transformation agenda” for health has been to make the health system more accountable for health outcomes. A new approach to accountability is being taken, which will involve health service providers entering into funding agreements based on what health outcomes they will achieve.

As part of this movement towards quality improvement, a new bill was introduced on May 3, 2010 called Excellent Care for All and this is Act (ECFA) was then given royal assent on June 8, 2010.  The goal of the Act is to legislate making health care providers and executives accountable for quality and to – improving patient care and enhance patient experience.  The themes of ECFA are accountability, transparency and engagement.  The scope of the ECFA has been hospitals however that is going to expand to the community support sector, long-term care sector and the community mental health and addiction sector over time through regulation.

Hospitals are now required to do organize a quality committee, develop annual quality improvement plans, provide performance-based compensation for “executives,” develop Patient Declaration of Values, implement a patient relations process – available to public and to reflect patient declaration of values and distribute satisfaction surveys.

The Ontario Health Quality Council is responsible for monitoring how well the health system as a whole is achieving expected outcomes.

How CMHA Ontario is addressing this issue?

CMHA Ontario is currently working with Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) on the Excellent through Quality Improvement Project (E-QIP). E-QIP is a collaborative initiative designed to support Ontario’s addictions and mental health providers to do what they do best – provide quality care and treatment to people who are often at the most vulnerable point in their life. Learn more about E-QIP.

CMHA Ontario has also been working with its branches on quality improvement.  We have been supporting branches in this area by gathering relevant information, organizing training and overall profiling of the issue.

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