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Policy Papers

CMHA Ontario has a repeated history of identifying public issues and policy options to promote mental health and well-being and support individuals with mental health conditions and their families.
This section of our website provides a list of recent policy papers prepared by CMHA, Ontario.
To locate historical policy documents prepared by CMHA, Ontario, contact us at

February 19, 2009 Submission to eHealth Ontario, Regarding Feedback on Ontario's eHealth Strategy, 2009-2012

CMHA Ontario supports the development of an eHealth Strategy that will improve health care for all Ontarians. We are pleased to see significant investments in eHealth to advance the Strategy toward its goal of achieving a province-wide, comprehensive electronic health record by 2015. (February, 2009)

November 1, 2008 Mental Health Promotion in Ontario: A Call to Action

There is a strong evidence with respect to the factors that promote positive mental health. The three most significant determinants of mental health are social inclusion, freedom from discrimination and violence, and access to economic resources. Mental health promotion involves shared responsibility, requiring the active participation of many sectors, including and beyond health. (November, 2008)

August 29, 2008 Submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Regarding Changes to Dispensing under the Ontario Drug Benefits Program

Submission to the MOHLTC regarding amendments to O.Reg.201/96 under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act, which limit the payment of dispensing fees by the Ontario government to pharmacists for medications covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. (August, 2008)

August 28, 2008 Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Regarding Review of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004

CMHA Ontario submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding the review of the Personal Health Information Protection Act(PHIPA). Our submission addresses: consent; redefining family members under PHIPA; the circle of care and community-based services and supports; collection of personal health information by police officers; fees for accessing personal health records; and electronic health records. (August, 2008)

August 1, 2008 Recommendations for Preventing and Managing Co-Existing Chronic Physical Conditions and Mental Illnesses

There are multiple associations between mental health and chronic physical conditions that impact Ontarians’ quality of life, demands on health care and generate consequences to society. This report identifies recommendations for taking action within Ontario’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Framework to address co-existing chronic physical and mental health conditions. (August, 2008)

July 22, 2008 Addressing Emergency Department Wait Times and Enhancing Access to Community Mental Health and Addictions Services and Supports

Advice provided to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care on addressing emergency department wait times and improving access to mental health and addiction services. (July, 2008)

June 1, 2008 Conducted Energy Weapons (Tasers)

Conducted Energy Weapons (commonly known as Tasers) are one of several use-of-force weapons that police may use to subdue or restrain an individual. CMHA Ontario is concerned about the use and safety of Tasers, as well as the propensity of law enforcement officials to deploy them on people experiencing a mental health crisis. This paper identifies our position on use of Tasers and recommends first response alternatives police can use to engage with people experiencing a mental health crisis. (June, 2008)

June 1, 2008 Strategies for Reducing Poverty in Ontario

Poverty has a devastating impact on quality of life and compromises one’s ability to secure stabilizing resources needed to maintain positive mental health. Moreso, people with serious mental illness are disproportionately affected by poverty. In this report CMHA Ontario recommends a comprehensive and coordinated set of strategies to address poverty and support the recovery of persons with mental illness. (June, 2008)

April 7, 2008 Mental Health Police Records Check Coalition Submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Mental Health Police Records Check Coalition appreciates that the Ontario Human Rights Commission has recognized the negative impact of current police record check practices. However, we believe that more substantive change is needed in order to ensure that all Ontarians’ right are protected when disclosing information concerning non-criminal contact with the police. (April, 2008)

January 1, 2008 Brief on the Proposed Health Based Allocation Model (HBAM)

This brief responds to the information received on the proposed HBAM and is offered on behalf of the six provincial mental health and addictions organizations commonly referred to as “the partnership.” (January, 2008)