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Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)

In 2005, the provincial government began restructuring the provincial health care system into 14 regions, called Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

LHINs are responsible for planning, coordinating, funding and monitoring their local health system. Many health service providers are funded through the LHINs. This includes hospitals, most psychiatric facilities, long-term care homes, Community Care Access Centres, community service providers and community mental health and addiction agencies.

Public health, family physicians and Family Health Teams, ambulance services, laboratories, and provincial networks and programs (such as Telehealth and Cancer Care Ontario) are not under the direction of LHINs.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires  each LHIN to develop an annual Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP). The IHSPs are required  to include strategies to better coordinate health care in their LHIN region and use health resources more efficiently. The LHINs are required to engage the community when developing plans and setting priorities. Based on the IHSP, the ministry  provides funding to each LHIN. The LHINs  make decisions regarding the allocation of funds to health service providers in their region. The IHSPs are available on the LHIN websites.

Local Health Integration Networks: Building a True System
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care information on LHIN


Local Health System Integration Act

The act sets out the powers and functions of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), requires both health service providers and LHINs to identify opportunities for integration of services , and makes health service providers accountable to the LHINs and LHINs accountable to the Minister of Health through accountability agreements and performance evaluations.

Structure, Powers and Accountability of Local Health Integration Networks (October 2008)

An easy-to-read guide produced for the Change Foundation on Ontario’s local health integration networks (LHINs). Primarily intended to make the LHIN legislation understandable to lay people, the guide also describes developments within the LHINs since they have been in place.

A Focus on Addictions and Mental Health (June 2007)

A review of LHIN integrated health service plans. The purpose of this review was to assess the extent to which these plans address addiction and mental health issues.

Transformation: Changing the Mental Health Care Map in Ontario

The Fall 2005 issue of Network magazine focuses on how the government’s health care transformation agenda will affect the community-based mental health system in Ontario.

Ontario Health Reform

CMHA, Ontario is monitoring changes in the health care system and their impact on people with mental illness and the mental health system.

Report of the Manitoba Regional Health Authority External Review Committee, February 2008

A report from an independent review committee published ten years after the creation of regional health authorities (RHAs) in Manitoba. Discusses the achievement of intended objectives, as well as the further systemic change that is needed to produce more improvements.