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Vision & Goals


We envision a community mental health and addiction sector in Ontario where all the organizations are committed to a shared culture grounded in quality improvement (QI). This shared commitment to QI is based on four guiding principles

  • Providing clients with the best service possible
  • Promoting the optimal use of resources through quality improvement
  • Supporting our dedicated and skilled service providers in their work on behalf of clients
  • Striving for mental health and wellness for all Ontarians


Quality Improvement is grounded in the sector’s existing commitment to creating the best possible relationship between those providing mental health and addictions services and individuals receiving these services.

E-QIP strives to build a sector-wide culture of quality improvement by working with organizations to:

  • Build a common understanding of quality improvement in the community mental health and addiction sector
  • Gain an understanding of the full range of quality initiatives that exist in the sector, and share examples for others to learn from
  • Share quality knowledge, and building capacity across our membership and branches
  • Build sustainability of quality improvement capacity within our member organizations and branches
  • Lay the groundwork, so that the sector is ready and leading quality measurement and reporting when the government introduces expectations
  • Ensure alignment with other quality improvement initiatives in Ontario including Quality Matters: Realizing Excellent Care For All and HQO