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Bell launches Bell Blue Box Program across Canada during Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 7, 2013

Recycle your used/old mobile phones at your local Bell store and help mental health initiatives across the country

Image of old phone courtesy of markuso /

By recycling their mobile devices through the Bell Blue Box Program, Canadians can support mental health initiatives while helping the environment. The program provides Canadians with an environmentally responsible way of disposing of their used mobile phones, batteries and accessories. Bell will donate net proceeds from the program to CMHA as part of its Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative.

 You can return your used/old mobile devices to any Bell store.

The Bell Blue Box program

The Bell Blue Box program is part of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association’s Recycle My Cell program, which aims to minimize the amount of e-waste entering Canada’s landfills.

Customers can simply bring their old mobile devices, batteries and accessories from all manufacturers to any of our Bell stores or ship them to us via Canada Post free of charge. This simple step goes a long way toward protecting the environment and preventing electronic waste, the fastest growing form of waste in Canada, from ending up in landfill sites. Recovered mobile phones and devices are reused or recycled.

Bell was the first company to establish a pan-Canadian collection program for reusing and recycling mobile phones and devices. Bell recovered 159,524 mobile phones in 2012 alone.

Please note: phones and accessories cannot be reclaimed once donated to the Bell Blue Box program.

What will Bell do with the donated phones?

First, all data is deleted from donated phones. About half of the phones can then be refurbished and reused. The remaining phones are recycled in Canada in compliance with Canadian regulations.

How does returning my phone help the environment?

Since launching in 2003, the Bell Blue Box program has helped divert more than 1,225,428 phones from landfill. The program has also collected 110 metric tonnes of batteries and accessories for recycling.

The environmental value of the Bell Blue Box program has been recognized by the Retail Council of Canada and Les Phénix de l’environnement.

How can I recycle other Bell products?

Bell has a similar program for Bell TV receivers purchased in Quebec. For all other equipment, Bell supports provincial recycling programs by remitting Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) for designated electronic products, such as PC tablets, headsets, TV receivers and mobile phones. You may return your electronics by using the provincially approved recycling programs.

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