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Creating Together releases web survey

October 14, 2010

Creating Together: Developing a Mental Health and Addictions Research Agenda for Ontario is an OMHAKEN-initiated, province-wide process to jointly develop a research agenda for mental health and addictions in Ontario. The results of the process will help guide health systems and services, and population and public health research investments and knowledge exchange activity over the next three to five years.

Creating Together provides the opportunity for a diverse range of research stakeholders, as well as researchers, to co-create a research agenda through province-wide consultations and an electronic survey. Incorporating the voices of stakeholders into a research agenda will help to identify where investments in research can most improve the mental health and addictions system.

In the current phase of the process, OMHAKEN is inviting researchers or stakeholders of mental health and substance use/abuse, problem gambling and/or process addictions (e.g., Internet) research to complete a web survey. Participants are asked to provide feedback on where they think the greatest need for research and new knowledge is and what they believe are the top research and knowledge exchange priorities.

Expected outcomes of Creating Together include:

  • The joint development of a research agenda identifying priority research topics that will help steer research investment and knowledge exchange activity in Ontario, while also giving researchers the flexibility to pursue their own particular interests;
  • Strengthened linkages and knowledge exchange between stakeholders and researchers for the production, translation and dissemination of research; and
  • An eventual benefit to consumer/survivors and family members by creating the knowledge to build a better mental health and addictions system in Ontario.

To take part in the online survey, visit Please note that the French version of the survey will soon be available.

For more information about the survey please contact Heather Bullock at or visit

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