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Fall 2000: Youth Mental Health

September 1, 2000

As they enter the high risk years, are we failing our youth?

IN THIS ISSUE: Identifying the risks teenagers face: What should we be doing? – Youth suicide awareness programs – Understanding delinquency.


Vol. 16, No. 3

In This Issue

Editorial: Reflecting on 30 Years of Public Service

Being a Teen Is Risky Business

Identifying the Risks

Dr. Bruce Ferguson looks at the biggest risks that our young people face as they enter their teenage years.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

It’s crucial that teachers and guidance counsellors are helped to recognize the early signs and symptoms of mental illness of all types.


Helping youth and their families in the area of mental health and substance abuse.

Helping Students Succeed

The most protective thing we can do for our young people’s mental health is to help them succeed at school.

Providing a Forum for Teens to Talk

Youth Net – a national youth network that is breaking down the barriers of stigma.

Youth Suicide Awareness Programs

Social Policy: Understanding Delinquency


Poster Competition Winner

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